Laura Wildemann Kane is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy and the Managing Editor of the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy.  Her research interests primarily concern topics in social ontology, social & political philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of education.  Her dissertation presents a social ontology of the family that is not dependent upon biological, political, or legal classification, but is instead rooted in collective intentionality and joint commitment.  The aim of her proposal is to expand both the definition of family and the purpose of family life in political philosophy.  Her research also centers on questions about what our educational aims should be, who should have authority over determining those aims, and what policies and practices arise out of those determinations.

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Curriculum Vitae

Digital Portfolio

As a GC Digital Fellow, Laura has curated, organized, and co-taught five semester-long workshop series at The Graduate Center. She has also created unique websites for many programs and initiatives, including the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy website, the Graduate Center Digital Initiatives website, the Fashion Studies at CUNY website, and the Advanced Research Collaborative Student Commons website. Laura is also one of the co-founders of The CUNY Syllabus Project, a proposed resource for searching, comparing, and visualizing syllabi across institutions, disciplines, and departments.

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