The CUNY Syllabus Project – Soft Launch

The CUNY Syllabus Project – Soft Launch

For the past few months, I have been collaborating with some of the Digital Fellows to create a new resource for professors, adjuncts, and teaching assistants called The CUNY Syllabus Project.

cspThe CUNY Syllabus Project will create a robust resource that provides ways to search, compare, and visualize syllabi across institutions, disciplines, and departments. It will host an evolving database of syllabi contributed by graduate students, faculty, and adjuncts. These syllabi will cover a variety of disciplines, course levels, and topics, providing a rich foundation for analysis and comparison. Data fields within each syllabus, such as the titles and authors of assigned readings, will assist in future course planning and curricula research within and across disciplines. Read more…

I am happy to report that Andrew G. McKinney and I were awarded a Doctoral Students’ Council Knowledge Grant to build the CUNY Syllabus Project website and begin our data collection! The site has just soft-launched, and we hope to begin receiving syllabi soon. Please visit The CUNY Syllabus Project website and submit a syllabus!


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