JITP Issue 8 is now live!

JITP Issue 8 is now live!

Murchison-featuredThe Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy Editorial Collective is delighted to announce that our Eighth Issue, with the special theme Disability Studies Approaches to Pedagogy, Research, and Design, is now published and available on our website!

From the Issue Introduction by Andrew Lucchesi:

“This issue takes inspiration from the vibrant interdisciplinary field of disability studies. Rather than approaching disability from a medical or rehabilitative perspective, disability studies positions disability as a powerful site of identity, cultural heritage, and knowledge. From a disability studies perspective, discussions of technology, pedagogy, and design—JITP mainstays—take on new complexity and political importance. For instance, when new technologies for course management or multimodal composing are being developed and assessed, we must ask serious questions about who is imagined as a user and who is included as a designer. Many articles in this issue point to the dangers of inadequately considering disabled people’s perspectives as users of and innovators with technology. However, these articles also attest to the generative power of disability perspectives, leading to new ways of accessing technology’s expressive affordances and new ethical stances toward technical communication and design.”

Please visit the Table of Contents to view all of the articles.

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