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Laura Wildemann Kane is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy and the Managing Editor of the Journal of Interactive Technology and PedagogyHer primary research focuses on issues central to social & political philosophy, ethics, and feminist philosophy. Her dissertation proposes a definition of the family that captures the qualitative aspects of familial relationships that best serve family members and the state. The primary goal of her dissertation research is to provide a justification for policies that aim to address the persistent inequalities between, and quality of life issues that arise for, families in the wake of America’s current social and political climate. She argues that the state has a unique role in creating and regulating a specific set of needs that may impede a family’s ability to provide care, and concludes that the state has a moral and social obligation to take care of certain needs for citizens, including the provision of social insurance, subsidized childcare and eldercare, and a livable minimum wage. By identifying the state’s moral and social responsibility to take care of the secondary needs of citizens, her account provides an ethical foundation for social, economic, and political policy.

Laura’s secondary research has been inspired by her work in the Digital Humanities and involves contemporary issues in Computer and Information Ethics, especially those that relate to information sharing, privacy, and the integration of new technologies into intimate settings. She was awarded a Graduate Center Digital Initiatives Fellowship for three years, which gave her the opportunity to research, analyze and employ new technologies to improve pedagogical practices at The Graduate Center. This work motivated her to create The CUNY Syllabus Project, a growing database of faculty-submitted syllabi from across the CUNY campuses that 1) analyzes pedagogical trends at CUNY, and 2) aspires to create an expansive pedagogical community across the CUNY campuses. To date, the CUNY Syllabus Project has been awarded two Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants and a Doctoral Students’ Council Knowledge Grant from The Graduate Center. Additionally, Laura’s current Fellowship as the Managing Editor of the Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy has afforded her unique exposure to current debates in the Digital Humanities and the different philosophies that emerge from these debates. As a result, her research has expanded to include questions about how emergent biases in technological tools reflect societal biases found in reproductive labor, education, and communication.

Laura’s work as a Digital Fellow enabled her to learn web development, project management and to explore new digital tools for research.  She has designed the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy website, Fashion Studies at CUNY website, the Digital Fellows website, the Graduate Center Digital Initiatives website, the Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants website, the Advanced Research Collaborative Commons website, the Institute for Language Education in Transcultural Context (ILETC) website, and has organized, curated and co-taught five semester-long workshop series for all students and faculty at the Graduate Center that focused on social media, WordPress, data management, coding languages, databases, and data visualization. She has also served as a consultant for the Advanced Research Collaborative, and has participated as a teaching assistant in the Digital Praxis Seminar along with the other digital fellows. Laura has also completed the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program, where she has learned to develop digital solutions to challenges faced by educators.  


The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York, N.Y.

PhD Candidate in Philosophy (August 2010 – Present)
Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (Completed August 2013)

The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York, N.Y.

M.Phil., Philosophy (February 2014)
M.A., Philosophy (May 2013)

Hunter College, CUNY, New York, N.Y.

B.A., Philosophy (May 2007)
B.A., Sociology (May 2007)

Laura W Kane – Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

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